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“I’ve worked with Dr Denton for many years.  We were first both speakers for industry companies speaking across the country to our peers and colleagues. Over time we have had many discussions regarding private practice, particularly cold starts.

Within just a short time I realized she had perspectives that although in private practice much longer, had never occurred to me.

Having an MBA has served her well, and has allowed her to analyze things often in a very different way that I, or most ODs, might have. 

She’s a wealth of knowledge and encouragement.  She was enthusiastic to dig into my numbers to see areas I could improve, cut costs, outsource, and refresh stale areas of my practice. 

I cannot give her any higher recommendation as someone that would become an asset to both you AND your practice in achieving YOUR ideal practice. 

Her approaches are not “canned”.  She will speak to you, get to know you, find out what your ideal practice is, what’s important to you, create goals for you, offer networking connections that she’s made over the years. Many consulting firms pawn you off to a “team member”.  Dr Denton helps YOU and your particular situation become what you’ve hoped to ultimately achieve. “


– Dr. Justin Holt

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Why Coaching?


Starting my practice and watching it grow and thrive has been the greatest career accomplishment of my life. I am so fulfilled with my work and have always wanted to find a way to help others achieve their goals. When I first considered starting cold, I was told many times that it was impossible or too difficult. Looking back, that was absolutely not the case and now I love helping others achieve their dreams just like I did.. I’ve also benefited greatly from business coaching and believe in the results it can bring.